BigSteelBox Calgary Provides 40’ Shipping Containers to Bicycles for Humanity

Bicycles humanity ships BigSteelBox full of bicyclesBicycles for Humanity is an organization based in Calgary, AB, that recycles unwanted bikes and gives them a second life doing good.

They take the bikes local residents no longer use and get them in the hands of people who need them in Calgary, and places around the word, including Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Mexico.

In these areas, a bicycle is very valuable as it is used to carry every load imaginable, including people, livestock, water and fuel. In North America, millions of usable bikes are tossed into our landfills, so Bicycles for Humanity provides these bikes with a second life of doing good by empowering people in need with mobility.

BigSteelBox Calgary is happy to provide 40’ shipping containers to Bicycles for Humanity each year at a discounted rate to store their supplies. These containers are filled with bikes and shipped to the countries that need them.

The container below left Canada on June 23, 2015, and it just arrived in Zanzibar! It carried 416 bikes, parts, tools, medical supplies, soccer balls, school bags and much more.

Another BigSteelBox carried much of the same supplies and equipment will be leaving soon for South Africa. Congratulations to the entire Bicycles for Humanity team, and thank you for all your important work helping those in need.

Learn more about how you can help Bicycles for Humanity.

BigSteelBox donate shipping containers to Bicycles for Humanity

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