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The real estate market has been hot across Canada since the onset of the COVD-19 pandemic. The shift to working from home was necessary for most who worked in an office environment in early 2020, but it’s an arrangement that will likely stick for many individuals as companies and organizations embrace the idea of working from home for the foreseeable future.

Soon after the pandemic began, this new found flexibility inspired many Canadians to leave larger, more expensive cities and move to smaller centers where the cost of living was lower and the lifestyle was more relaxed.

We recently conducted a survey to investigate long distance moving trends in Canada, which, coupled with our own data, showed a significant increase in the number of long distance moves that have happened since 2019.

In a recent Leger poll, in partnership with the Association for Canadian Studies, 82% of Canadians who worked or are still working from home during the pandemic say their experience was positive.

Leger, Canadian-Owned Market Research and Analytics Company

Only 20% of Canadians want to stop working from home and go back to their workplace entirely.”

Leger, Canadian-Owned Market Research and Analytics Company

However, while this real estate boom resulted in lower interest rates for mortgages, it also caused home prices to go up, making it even harder for many renters to get into the market as first time home buyers.

As such, many renters are staying put, waiting and hoping for prices to come down or level out, while at the same time, continuing to save for their down payment. And, while they may not be able to buy their first home just yet, upsizing might also be out of the question. Rather than pay more to rent a bigger place, it often makes sense to pay as little as possible for a smaller space like an apartment or basement suite to minimize costs in order to reach the goal of buying a home sooner.

Perhaps the toughest part for many renters with limited space is avoiding the accumulation of items that they might want or need now or at certain times of the year, such as seasonal items like bicycles, camping gear, water sport or skiing equipment. Plus, with the anticipation of getting into their first home, it’s common to want to purchase pieces of furniture or home décor as they come across them.

Since storage and space in a small rental apartment or basement suite can be at a premium, finding room for these seasonal items and future furniture can be difficult. This is where renting a portable storage unit to store these types of items can come in very handy!

Load at our site – Save on delivery cost

Shipping containers - BigSteelBox Storage FacilityIf you’re currently living in a condo or apartment community there will likely be challenges to having a BigSteelBox delivered. This is because of limited space (our delivery trucks require at least 60′ of space in a straight line to place a 10′ container), as well as community restrictions regarding the length of time a storage unit can stay there. But, this doesn’t mean a BigSteelBox won’t work for you!

Most of our locations offer an on-site loading option for customers who don’t have room for a container at their current home and want to bring their items to our storage yard to load on-site. This option will also save you the cost of delivery, while keeping the door open to have it delivered to a future home that has the space for it.

Ask your Storage Consultant about our on-site loading option, and if you need access to your container at any point during your rental, no problem! Just give us 24-48 business hours notice in advance of the day you’d like to visit, and we’ll schedule the set out of your BigSteelBox in our customer access area.

Think of it as a storage unit, but portable!

Until you have your own basement, garage or backyard with a storage shed, a BigSteelBox is the perfect option to keep your stuff safe and out of the way. Our portable storage containers are weather and rodent-proof, so no matter how long you keep your stuff in storage, it will stay safe, clean and dry.

BigSteelBox rents storage containers in a variety of sizes, including smaller 8′ and 10′ units that are perfect for people who just need a little extra space for seasonal items or furniture you’re gradually buying for your future home. And, if you ever need to change the size of your storage unit, that’s no problem. Plus, you can store your container at one of our secure storage facilities so you won’t need to worry about finding a place to keep it.

A Perfect Storage Solution for Students

Storage for students - BigSteelBoxUniversity and college students and who attend school away from home and their parents may wonder: Where can students store their stuff in the summer?

Renting a smaller size BigSteelBox is a great storage option for students whose living situation changes with the school year. It’s a great option if you end up moving into a different place each year and just need a place to keep your stuff for the time in between.

Before you go home for the summer, load your larger items, like your mattress, bed frame, desk, furniture, all-important mini-fridge, and anything else you won’t need until you get back to school in the fall. You can keep it at your local BigSteelBox store until you need it delivered again, or you can arrange to access your container at our yard with 24-48 business hours notice.

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