“I didn’t have another home to move into.” Bonnie’s BigSteelBox Story – Video

At BigSteelBox, we aim to make moving and storage feel better for each and every one of our customers by reducing your efforts, owning your problems and caring more than you expect.

In this video Bonnie, a BigSteelBox customer, explains how we helped make her moving experience feel better during the most stressful time of her life. Because storage in built into our service, the entire moving process is made easier if you don’t have a new home to move into right away and need storage in between homes.

If you’re planning a move or need a storage solution, call us today at 1-800-373-1187 or request your free quote online to see how we can make your moving and storage experience feel better.


Video Transcription:

At the time that I used BigSteelBox, it was a very stressful time of my life. I was leaving the first home that I purchased – that I owned for 27 years – but I didn’t have another home to move into.
So, I put my things into storage and it ended up being 8 months.

I loved the salesman Myles who explained the whole process of moving in storage to me.

BigSteelBox relieved a lot of stress and worry from my move in the most stressful time of my life.