Heated & Lit Storage Units

We can make your portable storage unit even more functional by adding lights, heating, and a man door to the already tough and durable steel container.

Portable Storage Units with Heating & Lighting

Add a Lighting Electrical Package to your Storage unit - BigSteelBox

If you’re looking for temperature-controlled storage with lighting, we’ve got you covered.

When you need to store temperature-sensitive equipment and supplies in cold climates, a few modifications to a steel storage container can make all the difference.

By adding spray foam insulation, lighting, heat, and a man door, the space becomes more functional without sacrificing the renowned durability and portability of a shipping container.

Our spray foam insulation has an R7 insulation value, which maintains ambient temperature when the heater is turned on.

Whether you need a tool crib solution, a portable locker room, or a place to keep your supplies warm and dry, a heated storage container will help keep your gear protected and organized.

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Why modify a shipping container for heated & lit storage?


A BigSteelBox office is much more durable and secure than wood frame storage. Composed of corten corrugated steel, a shipping container is designed to “weather the storm” and provides both security and strength in the harshest climates.


Shipping containers are built to withstand the heavy abuse of ocean travel and constant movement. With multiple lifting points and a rigid steel frame, a BigSteelBox storage unit can be easily transported around your site or moved to a new one.


In shipyards, shipping containers are often stacked up to 9 units high. Unlike a wood frame structure, a modified BigSteelBox maximizes available space with its ability to sit on sidewalk hoarding or stack on top of, or under, other containers.

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