Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Moving Box Packages and Packing Supplies Options and Costs

‚ÄčWe pride ourselves on being moving and storage experts, so what can we say about supplies? Well, it's pretty straight forward...

Whenever you’re moving or storing stuff, cardboard or plastic packing boxes make things much more uniform. And, always make sure you have more boxes and packing supplies than you think you'll need - there's probably more to pack in your home than you think!

Cardboard Moving Boxes


Most BigSteelBox stores sell cardboard packing boxes in a variety of sizes. We also rent shelving brackets if you plan to add shelves to your container to make your storage space even more efficient.

Below are the cardboard moving box packages BigSteelBox offers for sale:

SINGLE Package:

15 small boxes
8 medium boxes
5 large boxes
COUPLE Package:

25 small boxes
15 medium boxes
5 large boxes
FAMILY Package:

30 small boxes
20 medium boxes
10 large boxes
20 small boxes = 59.00
20 medium boxes = 79.00
10 large boxes = 49.00
1 small box = 3.50
1 medium box = 4.50
1 large box = 5.50

Ratchet Straps for Moving


Price: 13.00 each or 44.00 for a 4-pack

We recommend you have ratchet straps and tie downs to secure your items inside your BigSteelBox.

Every new BigSteelBox comes with D-Ring Hooks pre-installed on the interior walls of the container. They are located every 4' along the length of the Box. Ratchet Straps are perfect for securing your belongings in sections by connecting the straps diagonally across the Box in a Giant "X".

Learn more about how to pack your BigSteelBox.

Moving Blankets


Price: 13.00 each or 69.00 for a 6-pack

Most people have at least a few pieces of furniture that should be protected for a move.

Whether it's a dining room table, headboard or piece of artwork, moving blankets are made to protect your most valued possessions from damage.

Packing Tips

We've helped a lot of people move over the years, so not only can we provide you with moving containers and moving supplies you'll need, but chances are we can also provide you with moving and packing tips that will make the entire process easier for you.

From tips on how to pack dishes and clothing, to the safest ways to pack electronics and framed artwork, these posts will give you some great ideas when packing up your home:

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