Spray Foam Insulated Storage Units

Add spray foam to your purchased BigSteelBox for a more climate controlled storage unit.

Add spray foam insulation to the ceiling and Walls of your BigSteelBoxInsulating shipping containers using spray foam is the best way to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations inside your BigSteelBox.

When storing or shipping products that you need to keep dry and at a stable temperature, such as packaged goods or paperwork and files, an insulated container is your safest option.

We can add spray foam to the ceiling, or ceiling and walls, to purchased new or used BigSteelBoxes of any size.

Why Spray Foam Insulation?

Add spray foam insulation to the ceiling of your BigSteelBoxYour BigSteelBox is built to withstand the elements, but there is potential for condensation inside the Box if items being stored inside are damp, or if moisture gets inside the Box during access or loading. 

The same seals built to keep the elements out, can trap moisture inside the Box. If this is a concern for you based on your potential use, then spray foam insulation is a great solution.

Simply put, spray foam is the most superior form of insulation you can use in a shipping container because it provides a sealed, monolithic layer between the container and the items inside.

While fiberglass batt insulation inside a wooden frame leaves room for moisture to be trapped (potentially causing mold and mildew), spray foam forms a solid moisture barrier. Spray foam adheres to any surface and fills every nook and cranny, which is perfect when working with corrugated steel walls and ceilings.

If you think a spray foam insulated shipping container would work best for your storage needs, contact us at 1-800-373-1187 to learn how you can purchase an insulated BigSteelBox today.

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