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Moving and Storage Solutions for Port Coquitlam, BC

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

  • Store Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Port Coquitlam's BigSteelBox store has been providing moving and storage services to the Lower Mainland since 2009. In addition to being one of our largest locations, it is also a distribution centre for our inventory arriving from the factory in China.

BigSteelBox has more location across Canada than any other mobile storage company, so whether you're moving across the city, the province or the country, we can help. There's no need to rent a truck or hire professional movers. We’ll deliver your BigSteelBox, and you pack it at your pace. When you’re ready, we’ll pick up your Box and move it to your new home.

We offer competitive rates on portable storage solutions for construction and commercial customers, and because we have two of our own delivery trucks, we can get you the storage containers you need quickly and efficiently.

Residential Storage - Keep Your Container at Your Place or Ours

  • Pricing
    10' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Your Place (excluding freight)
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  • Pricing
    20' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Your Place (excluding freight)
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  • Pricing
    20' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Our Yard (excluding freight)
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Compared to renting a storage locker, our service is more convenient because we bring the storage to you. The most common size containers used for residential storage and moving are our 10’ and 20’. We may also have 8’ Boxes at the Port Coquitlam store, please call to check availability.

A 10’ BigSteelBox is ideal if space to place the Box is limited, such as townhome communities and apartment buildings in densely populated areas, like Vancouver and other areas of the Lower Mainland. You can fit the contents of most 1-bedroom homes and apartments in a 10' Box.

Our 20’ Boxes are the most common size we rent and sell. The contents of most 2-3 bedroom homes or condos will fit into a 20' storage container.

Local Moving Service in Port Coquitlam

  • 1-Month Move
    Store at Your Place
    Direct House-to-House Move
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  • 1-Month Move
    With Storage at Our Yard
    House-to-Yard-to-House Move
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  • 2-Month Move
    With Storage at Your Place
    Direct House-to-House Move
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The 1-Month Local Move price above includes the initial drop off of a 20’ BigSteelBox, one loaded move directly to your new home, pick up of the empty container and one month’s rent. If you need more time to pack or unpack, no problem, just add $149/month for each additional month you need it.

Our local move pricing applies to most moves within the Port Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows city limits. For locations in our extended service area, delivery prices will vary, so please call for a quote.

With more locations across Canada than any other mobile storage company, we can easily, and affordably, move you to a new city! Learn more about our long distance moving services.

Commercial & Construction Storage in Port Coquitlam

In addition to construction site and commercial storage, BigSteelBox provides mobile storage for a wide range of business types, including the real estate industry and restoration companies.

We work with businesses to provide storage solutions that meet their needs for security, space and budget. Portable storage is ideal for any business that has a space restriction, and it makes financial sense when compared to other warehousing alternatives.

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Retail & Services Storage in Port Coquitlam

A BigSteelBox is a great solution for retailers who need to expand their warehouse for excess inventory or seasonal demands. We can place a BigSteelBox just about anywhere, so whether you plan to keep it in a parking lot or a tight spot next to a building, we can make it work.

Your things will be secure in a BigSteelBox, and we offer options to make your container as efficient as possible. Ask us about the security features of our containers, like the Lock Boxes that protect your padlock, or about the shelving we can add to your container. Our rental Boxes are clean and white, so you can count on us to make a good impression on your customers.

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* All prices are subject to change without notice and do not include taxes. All starting prices above are based on moves within the local service area in Port Coquitlam and Pitt Meadows, BC, only. Additional delivery rates to locations outside the local service area apply.

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Local Service Area

  • Port Coquitlam
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  • Surrey
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  • Vancouver
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Expanded Service Area (an additional delivery charge may apply)

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Supporting the Port Coquitlam Community

BigSteelBox is proud to support many worthy causes and community events in Port Coquitlam and surrounding area.

We often provide Boxes for events that require on-site storage. Some of the recent events we’ve supported are the Vancouver Marathon, the Dragon Boat Festival, and the Vancouver fireworks festival, the Honda Celebration of Light.