Secure Storage for Retail Businesses

Renting a BigSteelBox shipping container is a great solution for short-term or long-term inventory challenges.

Mobile storage for retail businessesFinding ways to reduce expenses and grow revenue is the fundamental operational challenge for any business. It's also likely that portable storage is not on the top of your list when you think about improving operations. 

A BigSteelBox is a great solution for retailers who need to expand their warehouse for excess inventory, seasonal demands or equipment storage. By using a portable storage unit you make your operations more efficient without a large expense, and free up more merchandising space to grow your revenue.

We can place a BigSteelBox just about anywhere, so whether you plan to keep it in a parking lot or a tight spot next to a building, we can make it work. This allows you to use your valuable floor space for selling and not for storage.

Your things will stay safe and dry inside a BigSteelBox. Every rental container comes equipped with a Lock Box that protects your padlock from being accessible to bolt cutters.

Our rental Boxes are clean and white and many come with minimal decals, so you can count on us to make a good impression on your customers. Here are some of the ways our retail customers use portable storage to improve their operations.

Seasonal Displays

We have a number of customers who keep all of their displays in storage with us for most of the year. When it's time to switch out their displays, we deliver a BigSteelBox directly to their store. Not only does this make it really easy to change from Halloween to Christmas, but they can keep their displays secure and out of the way for most of the year.

In these cases we're storing the containers in one of our secure storage facilities. If you reuse your displays, there's no need to truck everything back and forth to storage lockers or mini-storage units, or try to cram it all in your back room.

Inventory Management

Whether it's the winter tire sale in the fall or gearing up for the holiday season, many businesses have times of the year when they need to be able to replenish stock quickly. Using a BigSteelBox as temporary storage solution allows businesses to manage their inventory more efficiently and meet their customers' needs. 

A Storage Container that Fits Your Needs

You always have the opportunity to make your BigSteelBox storage container more efficient and fit your requirements. We offer a number of shelving and storage gadgets to help make better use of the space.

Call us to learn more about the security features of our storage containers and the accessories we can add to your BigSteelBox at 1-800-373-1187.

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“BigSteelBoxes are very useful because they are so strong and difficult to break into. This is an important benefit to us as our trailer is broken into on a monthly basis, in spite of the steel bars we use on the windows and doors. We've never had a BigSteelBox broken into. ”

-Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival, Vancouver, BC