Mobile Storage Solutions for Restaurants and Hotels

Secure mobile storage for seasonal items and inventory, or during business renovations.

Photo of BigSteelBox Storage Container used for Hotel StorageMany hotels and restaurants rent mobile storage containers to store seasonal furniture, and other items at various times during the year. A BigSteelBox is rodent-proof, wind and water tight and made of eight-gauge steel, which makes them extremely secure.

Plus, we can place a BigSteelBox just about anywhere, so whether you plan to keep it in a parking lot or a tight spot next to a building, we can make it work.

A Convenient Storage Solution for Restaurants

Many of our customers who operate restaurants with outdoor patios will have a storage container dropped off in the fall, and spend a few days loading it with seasonal furniture and decorative items. When it's full, we'll pick it up and move it to our secure location to store over the winter.

This is especially valuable for restaurants who invest heavily in their outdoor furniture. Leaving valuable furniture outside and exposed to the harsh winter elements will cause damage and shorten the product's life. 

As soon as spring arrives, we'll drop off the loaded BigSteelBox off again so the patio can be opened for the season, and the furniture will look just as good as it did when the Box was loaded up in the fall.

Storage Solutions for Hotels

Most older hotels need to go through renovations every 5 to 10 years. This may be to meet current regulations imposed by various levels of government or to simply deliver a better experience for their guests. If the hotel is part of a chain, it may also need to do upgrades to meet standards imposed by the head office. 

BigSteelBox is an affordable and secure on site storage solution, perfect for hotels going through a renovation. One of the most important aspects of any hotel renovation is to minimize the impact it has on its guests. This allows the hotel to maintain its business throughout the renovation project. Using a BigSteelBox helps hotels keep furniture and equipment out of the way, so there is minimal disruption for guests, and there's no need to use guest rooms or conference space for storage.

Whether you need to store furniture and accessories during a renovation, or the construction company on site requires storage for supplies and equipment, BigSteelBox can help.

Professional Look & Security

We understand that image is important to restaurants and hotels, so you can rest assured that your rented container will always arrive looking clean and professional. We also offer additional security features like Lock Boxes, and accessories such as shelving to make your container as efficient as possible.

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“BigSteelBox is a great partner for our Habitat families. They are very easy to work with, especially considering they were coordinating multiple drops, multiple moves, and multiple pick-ups within a short period of time. Our partner families were very happy with the service they received and our organization is extremely grateful to have BigSteelBox as a community partner. ”

-, Habitat for Humanity Regina