Let’s build your perfect storage container.

From heating, cooling and lighting, to spray foam insulation, vents and exhaust fans, to windows and doors, we offer a variety of shipping container modifications for your purchased BigSteelBox.

Shipping container with spray foam insulation - BigSteelBox

Spray Foam Insulation

Insulating a BigSteelBox using spray foam is the best way to avoid extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture issues inside your storage unit. 

While it’s rare, there is potential for condensation inside a container if items being stored inside are damp, or if moisture gets inside during access or loading.

If you’re storing or shipping products that need to be kept dry and at a stable temperature, insulating the ceiling and walls will minimizes the impact.

We can add spray foam to the ceiling, or ceiling and walls of purchased new or used BigSteelBoxes of any size.

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BigSteelBox 20-foot shipping container site office

Doors and Windows

If you’re looking to purchase a storage container with the added bonus of doors and windows, we’ve got you covered. We also rent and sell shipping container offices.

The windows and doors we install on your BigSteelBox will be tough and stylish! Adding a door will allow easy access to your container and windows will let some light in, yet they are built strong enough to protect your stored goods.

We’re committed to making your experience as effortless as possible. Our stores are backed by a Canadian call center support team, so you can always get your needs and questions addressed quickly. And if there’s ever a problem, we’ll fix it.

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Modify a container to include an electrical package

Electrical Options

Make your storage space more comfortable and efficient by adding an electrical package. When you buy a container from BigSteelBox, we make it easy for you to add power, heating and lights. We have 2 electrical packages to choose from:

Lighting Only: Includes the addition of lights, plug-ins and pigtail extension cord.

Heat & Lights: This option is great if you need temperature-controlled storage with lighting. This package includes an electrical panel, lights, plug-ins and a heater.

Air Conditioning: Summers can get hot in Canada! Adding an air conditioning unit to your container will keep your space cool when needed.

Simply choose the container you want (new or used) and the electrical package that works best for you, and we’ll have it installed before delivery. With 13 modification service centers across our network, and a 1-year warranty that covers all the work, it’s a solution that will fit your budget and give you a little extra peace of mind.

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Shipping container exhaust fan - BigSteelBox

Vents & Exhaust Fans

Adding vents and an exhaust fan is a great way to promote air flow, and prevent condensation from occurring inside your container.

Condensation happens when the walls of a container become cooler than the dew point of the air inside the container. Proper ventilation can reduce moisture build up by equalizing interior and exterior temperatures, which will prevent issues like mould and mildew from developing.

Installing vents on either end of your container creates an air exchange. This air flow improves the energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems, allows pollutants like tobacco smoke and cleaning vapours to escape, and improves the overall air quality inside your container.

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