Colour Coordinating Boxes Makes Packing and Unpacking Easier

Kamloops BigSteelBox Store StaffBy Adam Kaufman, BigSteelBox Store Manager, Kamloops, BC

A tip I often give to customers moving with a BigSteelBox is to colour coordinate their boxes as they pack them.

I suggest using three colours of tape on opposite corners of every moving box to indicate the importance of the items inside the box. The reason for opposite corners is when the moving boxes are stacked inside the BigSteelBox, you will always see a piece of coloured tape! It’s a simple process that will help you stay organized during your move.

I would recommend using these colours:
Red Tape – Not Important (Example: board games, Christmas decorations)
Yellow Tape – Will need within a few days or weeks once moved in
Green Tape – Items needed right away (Example: toothbrushes, coffee maker, dishes)

Colour-coded moving boxesYou can still label the boxes according to rooms (Bathroom, Kitchen, etc.) but the coloured tape is a great way to determine importance of each box.

When you load your BigSteelBox, start with the red boxes so they’re at the back, then move onto the yellow boxes and finish with the green boxes. When the BigSteelBox arrives at your new home and you’re ready to unpack at your own pace, essentials are easily unloaded first, and the rest, when time permits.

This further benefits when you have others helping with your move. Colour coordinating makes it easy to give direction on which boxes to load/unload first!

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