Top 6 Ways Schools Use Shipping Containers for Storage

Shipping containers used as storage on school grounds | BigSteelBoxBigSteelBox offers a number of great storage solutions for schools. Renting a BigSteelBox is an ideal storage solution for schools that need extra space periodically, but they are also a perfect permanent storage solution.

We can place a BigSteelBox just about anywhere, so school staff can have secure, mobile storage close by should they need regular access to the contents stored inside.

Plus, we offer a number of Box sizes and security features to help make your storage container as efficient as possible, such as shelving brackets and security features like Lock Boxes.

Here are the top 6 ways schools can use a BigSteelBox for storage:
Mobile storage for schools1) Storage for football and soccer team equipment and uniforms.

2) Seasonal storage for toboggans and skate boards that don't fit in lockers, and so students aren’t taking them to class.

3) File and file cabinet storage.

4) Storage for extra gymnasium equipment, and things like chairs and tables used for school events.

5) Storage during a renovation for things like desks, chairs, extra supplies, files, etc.

6) Storage for snow blowers, lawn mowers, and other yard maintenance equipment. Please note that for safety reasons, fuel tanks should always be empty while stored inside a container.

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