About Us

At BigSteelBox, our values inspire us to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We aim to provide the best possible moving and storage experience by reducing our customers' efforts, owning their problems and giving more than they expect.

Our Values

Our passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience is driven by a set of values that define us as an organization and guide the relationships we strive to have with our customers.

We Love our Family

We care for each other. We celebrate each others' successes and when someone is struggling we lend a hand. We push each other to be the best we can be and we're quick to forgive. Simply stated, we love one another. This is the heart of BigSteelBox and we will fight to protect it.

We Genuinely Care for People

Our customers are real people with busy lives. By listening to them and understanding their needs we strive to deliver the right solution. We are fair, we are kind, and we look for opportunities to show compassion.

We are Passionately Driven to be Better

We love what we do and are passionate about using our strengths to advance all aspects of our business. We recognize areas for improvement, make necessary adjustments, and learn by measuring the outcomes. We're not tied to our own ideas and we embrace decisions made for the greater good.

We are People of Character

Our business is built on a foundation of trust. We honour our commitments, communicate with transparency, and never compromise our integrity.

We are Here to do Good

We are blessed. We are grateful for what we have and feel a responsibility to leverage our resources to help where we can.

We Have Fun

Having fun is part of who we are and laughter comes naturally to us. It bubbles to the surface in our interactions with each other and those we do business with. It helps us learn, fosters creativity and strengthens our relationships.


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“We would like to thank the BigSteelBox staff in Kitchener for all your effort and help in making our move a reality. You really made a difference, by being there and supporting us. ”

-Gary & Joanne, BigSteelBox Customers