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Moving & Storage - Abbotsford, BC

  • Store Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

BigSteelBox Abbotsford storage yard from Hwy 1Open since 2004, the BigSteelBox Store in Abbotsford was one of our first locations! It’s also one of our most visible Stores, located at 37400 North Parallel Road, right next to the busy Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy #1). If you’ve ever travelled that stretch of highway through Abbotsford, you’ve probably noticed the huge stacks of BigSteelBox shipping containers right next to the road.

BigSteelBox Abbotsford has been providing moving and portable storage services to residential, construction and commercial customers in Abbotsford, Langley, Chilliwack, and the entire Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland areas for several years. And, because our Abbotsford Store has its own delivery truck, we can deliver a BigSteelBox to your home, business or work site quickly and efficiently.

Portable Storage - Keep Your Container at Your Place or Ours

  • Pricing
    10' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Your Place (excluding freight)
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  • Pricing
    20' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Your Place (excluding freight)
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  • Pricing
    20' BigSteelBox
    Storage at Our Yard (excluding freight)
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BigSteelBox Abbotsford makes mobile storage simple. Our 20’ shipping containers are the most common size we rent and sell, but we also offer 10’ storage containers, which are ideal when space to place the Box is limited or you need less storage space. We may also have 8’ Boxes in stock at the Abbotsford store, please call to check availability.

Keep your BigSteelBox at your location or pack it up and have it stored at our secure yard located at 37400 North Parallel Road for a small additional onsite storage charge.

A BigSteelBox storage container is ideal to have onsite during a home renovation or during a big outdoor project. They’re also handy if you’re selling your home and need to declutter to stage it. BigSteelBoxes are completely secure, weather-proof and rodent-proof, so they will keep your belongings, tools, equipment, supplies and materials safe and dry.

Local Moving Service in Abbotsford

  • 1-Month Move
    Store at Your Place
    Direct House-to-House Move
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  • 1-Month Move
    With Storage at Our Yard
    House-to-Yard-to-House Move
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  • 2-Month Move
    With Storage at Our Yard
    House-to-Yard-to-House Move
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The 1-Month Local Move price quoted above includes the initial drop off of a 20’ BigSteelBox, one loaded move directly to your new home, pick up of the empty container and one month’s rent. If you need more time to pack or unpack your Box, just add $149/month for each additional month you need it.

Our local move pricing applies to moves within the city limits of Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission. Storage at our secure yard in-between homes is subject to an extra loaded move charge and on-site storage fee, as our truck needs to make one additional trip back to our yard.

We can also move you to a new city! Learn more about our long distance moving service.

Commercial & Construction Storage in Abbotsford

BigSteelBox Abbotsford provides complete mobile storage services for commercial and construction projects. We’ve provided portable storage for a wide range of business types, including the agricultural industry and restoration companies. If you’re looking to buy a BigSteelBox, give us a call - we have a large inventory of new and used shipping containers in stock.

Retailers also find our mobile storage containers extremely useful year-round. Recently, Cabella’s in Abbotsford had multiple BigSteelBoxes on rent to help them move to their new store at 1818 McCallum Road, and they’ve continued to keep a few Boxes on rent for extra storage next to the store.

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Meet the Abbotsford BigSteelBox Team

Janelle Friesen, Storage Manager
I enjoy living in Abbotsford because it has a small city vibe but still has everything that you need. I also love being a short drive from Vancouver. Working for BigSteelBox is great because of the positive and encouraging environment it provides to all staff. I love finding innovative solutions to our customers' moving and storage needs every day.

Analeissa Mayer, Storage Consultant
A few things that I love about Abbotsford is that we are a "City in the Country", surrounded by beautiful mountains. And, it seems like no matter where you go you will always find someone you know! I love working for BigSteelBox because we are a company that truly cares about our customers and we strive to meet all of their needs. We love our family here, and we want our customers to feel like they are a part of our family too!!

Pat Nault, Storage Consultant
I like Abbotsford because it is a smaller, quiet city but still has so much to offer. Its proximity to bigger cities like Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland is also a bonus. I enjoy working for BigSteelBox because I believe in the work we’re doing to help make moving and storage easier for people. We genuinely care about our colleagues and our customers.

Bear Boyd, Placement Technician
I actually live in Agassiz, BC, but I like coming to Abbotsford to do a lot of my shopping - especially at Costco! I enjoy working for BigSteelBox because we have a great staff and it is a friendly work environment.

Deric Williamson, Yard Supervisor
I like living in the Fraser Valley because of the great atmosphere and small town feel. I enjoy working for BigSteelBox because it is a family-orientated company and everyone who works here is very friendly.

* All prices are subject to change without notice and do not include taxes. Prices are based on moves within the local service areas of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, and Mission, BC, only. Additional delivery rates to locations outside the local service area apply.

Customer Reviews

We want to hear about your experience (good or bad). We're always looking for ways to improve our service and reviews are a great way to find out how we can better serve our customers! Please note, this is a new feature of our site, and it will take some time for Reviews to be accumulated. If you want to read more from our customers, please visit our Testimonials page.

Based on 18 Reviews
5/5 |


Something I thought of as were unloading the container and walking everything across the road - have you ever considered for customers that require the container placed in a tight spot, to charge an extra fee (whatever it would take) to send out a highub that could place the container almost anywhere? I would have paid whatever if that would have been an option. Thanks

Response from BigSteelBox

Good question Les. Most of our Stores can bring in hiab cranes for situations like this at an additional charge to the customer. There are often weight limitations for hiabs, however, so loaded containers can sometimes pose issues depending on what is being stored inside. If we are aware of the tight drop off location and a customer tells us they are willing to pay extra for a crane, we can price that out for them. It sounds like in your situation we may not have been aware of the restrictions of your drop off location why booking your delivery, which could be why we didn’t bring up this hiab option. Sorry about that. If you require our services again in the future, please mention the space limitations and we’ll be happy to look into crane options for you.
5/5 |

Smooth move no surprises!!

Very simple and professional procedure. Call for drop off- no waiting call for pick up- no waiting and the same for final delivery and empty pick up, would never shop the comp. Well done BIGSTEEL!!

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks Les! We're glad to hear your BigSteelBox experience went so smoothly.
5/5 |

Great service and so convenient

Our experience with Big Steel Box was great! Brie-Ann was so helpful and quick to respond. It was such a convenient service for our family while moving and trying to do a house renovation!

Response from BigSteelBox

Great to hear, Kristal! Thank you for trusting us to keep your stuff safe during your move and renovation.
5/5 |

Awesome service.

Their professional service goes above and beyond any of your personal needs. And a special Thank You to Kim & Janelle for their work.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for sharing Kay! We'll pass your note on to Kim and Janelle :)
5/5 |

Great Company

In spite of a mix up of delivery time I highly recommend BSB for your moving needs. I would like to thank Janelle from Abbotsford office for her wonderful service. After watching how gently the boxes were loaded and unloaded my fears of damage disappeared. This was my first experience with BSB and I will continue using them in future moves, thank you!

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for the review Rick! We're sorry there was a bit of an issue with your delivery, we're glad you still had a great moving experience with us.
5/5 |

Have used BIG STEEL BOX for two long distance moves

Excellent way to move any size of "move". We have moved twice with Big Steel Box. ONT to BC and BC to ONT. Flawless system. It's the only way to move!

Response from BigSteelBox

Hi Peter and Vivienne. Thank you so much for trusting us with both of your long distance moves! So glad to hear they went well : )
5/5 |

Great customer service.

Met all our emergency moving and storage needs.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks Scott, glad we could help.
5/5 |

Short term storage at our location

We had a few projects going on at our house and required a storage solution which Big Steel Box was able to solve by providing us with a 10' x 10' box. The cost was comparable to off site storage but that meant the supplies were not readily available for renovation purposes. We were able to have the unit on a month to month basis until the box was no longer required. Great service and would definitely use again.

Response from BigSteelBox

Great to hear Liz! Thanks for trusting us to keep your stuff safe during your home reno.
5/5 |

Highly Recommended

We have just gone through 10 and half months of dealing with a builder that delayed, delayed and delayed our new home. Unable to find storage units for our furnishings we took a chance and went with Big Steel Box. We made a great decision! I truly mean that. From the moment we dealt with them, everything went perfect! From the moment we booked our contact with a gentleman I can't recall his name, to Janelle and Matty, and Bear, everything was professional and with the best customer service ever! We can't thank them enough.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thank you for the great review, and for trusting us to keep your things safely stored while you waited to get into your new home!
5/5 |

Excellent Service and Support

This is the first time we have used Big Steel Box and they were wonderful. We started out with the Port Coquitlam office. We arranged for three boxes to load our house hold items into them. The staff there were great; very accommodating; and very friendly and professional. Originally I had arranged for two 20' boxes but on moving day it became evident that I was going to need a third and the staff arranged for it immediately. They kept everything safe and in storage at their facility until after we were ready to send the boxes to Abbotsford. Once the boxes were in the Abbotsford location, they too kept them everything in storage and safe. After we bought in Chilliwack they had two of my boxes delivered right to our new home placed in the driveway side by side. After opening the two boxes we found our contents to still be in place almost the same as when loaded with minimal damage. I think there were only one or two items that experienced minor damage however, I don't think it had anything to do with there handling; but more so the way we had stored the items in the boxes. Once emptied Big Steel Box picked up them up on the day we had arranged. Overall they were prompt; professional; courtesy and friendly at all times and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to move their house hold items. In fact my daughter has just sold her house and is moving to Chilliwack to be closer to us and I have just arranged to use one of their boxes again to store he house hold items in until such time as she finds a place to purchase. Thanks Big Steel Box. We look forward to working with you again.

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your moving experience Eric, we appreciate it!
4/5 |

Great moving/storage option!

Service was great, storage boxes are large and secure. My only negative comment is that the storage yard is not open on weekends. My circumstances changed after boxes were loaded and stored, and I didn't have a place to have the box brought to me. I had trouble finding family or friends that were available during the week to help me unload the box. Otherwise, big box storage is an excellent option!

Response from BigSteelBox

Hi Diane. Thanks for the review and feedback. We'll pass it along to our team.
4/5 |

Immediate Storage

We had an immediate storage need and Big Steel Box met the need. We initially got a 40 ft storage container which was great. But then we had to move it. You can not move a 40 ft full, so we had to transfer it to another container, we went to a 20 ft, just incase it had to be moved again. Justin was great. The company delivering it is accommodating but you need to be there to ensure it is where you want it.

Response from BigSteelBox

Hi Melody. Thanks for the review. We're glad we were able to work with you to find a storage option that worked for your need.
5/5 |

BigSteelBox Reviews

Excellent Service and Support

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks Ewa :)
4/5 |

It may just be a box

It may just be a box, anyone can give you a box but it is about the service. From the quotation, then the delivery, the monthly billing and the removal, No issues, everyone was kind, helpful and accommodating . I missed the cancellation of my contract by a couple of days, legally BSB had the right to charge me for a month but they said they would not. I would use their service again.

Response from BigSteelBox

Hi Glenn. Thanks so much for sharing your BigSteelBox experience!
5/5 |

In between homes

We sold our mobile home, and replaced it with a brand new one. During the transition time of a few weeks, we used a BSB to store our home full of belongings. It was extremely convenient moving out the door and a mere 30 metres away. Once our new home was ready we were able to take our time and move into our new home gradually.
The whole process was much less labour intensive than an off site rental unit!
Thank you BSB for being there for us!

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks for trusting us to keep your things safe during the transition to your new home Kelly!
5/5 |

Great company to deal with

The utmost in professionalism! I have already sent them business to them for a friend moving to Calgary!

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks Ray! Much appreciated :)
5/5 |

Outstanding Service

We cannot say enough great things about how wonderful Janelle and Bear were throughout our experience! When we called in, all the right questions were asked to ensure our move day went seamlessly. The can was dropped off during the first drop off of the day and picked up last to provide us as much time as possible to pack up. It arrived at our new home with belongings in perfect condition. If you are looking for a great, knowledgeable, and friendly company to do business with, this is it! Thank you!

Response from BigSteelBox

Thank you for choosing BigSteelBox! We're so glad to hear your move went well.
1/5 |

Never again and will not recomend

Several years ago I used Big Steel Box in Chilliwack because they advertised a secured storage site. Not even close! My storage container was broken into and items were stolen. No one could be reached for several hours. When the owner finally called he had zero solution for the situation and he didn't even have a process for trying to resolve it! He was out of town & could not be reached! Security could not be reached! I had to leave the box open while I went to get another lock that had been cut becuse the box had been left on the ground instead of put up and door to door so no one could get in. The owner was an absolute idiot! I'm sorry but I can't state that any other way. I will never recomend this company and will steer everyone away from it!

Response from BigSteelBox

Thanks Gerald; We're sorry to hear your experience was less than satisfactory. As you mentioned, this happened several years ago, and our Chilliwack location has since been closed. Over those years, we have made many improvements to the security at our yards, and all of our new BigSteelBoxes come with lock boxes that protect pad locks from bolt cutters. Regards, The BigSteelBox Team

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Supporting the Abbotsford Community

BigSteelBox often provides containers for events that require on-site storage, such as Party in the Park Chilliwack, Chilliwack Farmers Market, the Canadian Arena Cross Championships, and the Abbotsford Tulip Festival.

We also like to support non-profit organizations and fundraising events that support our areas, such as the SPCA Acts of Kindness, Imani Orphan Care, Ann Davis Transition Society, the Salvation Army and Operation Christmas Child.

Other groups we've been proud to support include the Mission Arts Council, the Abbotsford Curling Club, and the Abbotsford Pilots Junior Hockey Club.