Rent or Buy a BigSteelBox Shipping Container

A BigSteelBox is a great solution for your short-term, long-term, or permanent storage needs.

Regardless of your storage needs, renting a BigSteelBox is a great solution. We have many shipping containers for sale, but even if you require a permanent storage solution, renting a BigSteelBox may be the best option for you. Low monthly payments and no concerns over a future resale are great reasons to rent. Learn more about the benefits of renting a BigSteelBox.

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Rental Rates


  • High Cube - 9'6” tall instead of standard 8'6”
  • Double Door - full size factory installed doors on both ends
  • Prices DO NOT include Taxes
  • Unloading Charge will be extra if necessary
  • Prices subject to change at any time
  • Prices DO NOT include delivery

Buy New or Used


  • Double Door - full size factory installed doors on both ends
  • High Cube - 9'6” tall instead of standard 8'6”
  • Unloading charge will be extra if necessary


If you require a permanent storage solution, we have a variety of new and used shipping containers for sale. We also have specialty products available for sale, like High Cubes (9'6" high), double doors, man doors, etc.

With more locations across Canada than any other mobile storage company, BigSteelBox has access to a large inventory of containers, and we can deliver your Box quickly.

Prices and availability vary based on location. Contact us today for details and pricing at 1-800-373-1187.

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“In this day and age the idea of customer service is often a rare thing, if not non-existent. I was blown away with BigSteelBox’s stellar level of customer service and willingness to get my container delivered quickly and efficiently.”

-Scott, BigSteelBox Customer

Mobile Storage at Your Place or Ours


A BigSteelBox is secure, windproof, waterproof, rodent-proof, fire-resistant, and come in a range of sizes. We can deliver a BigSteelBox just about anywhere. Keep your storage container at your place or at one of our secure locations.

Rent or Buy a Shipping Container


BigSteelBox rents and sells high quality shipping containers for commercial, construction or home use. New and used Boxes can be purchased from any of our locations. Learn more about renting a BigSteelBox.

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