Getting your patio ready for winter just got easier.

When it's time to put things in storage, give us a call. You load the furniture, we'll put it in storage, and you won't even have to leave the restaurant. Simple.

Why choose BigSteelBox for your restaurant's storage needs?

Restaurant patio furniture - storage from BigSteelBox

We’ll help your restaurant shift from spring and summer, to fall and winter with ease.

Many customers who operate restaurants with outdoor patios will have a BigSteelBox dropped off in the fall. They’ll spend a few days loading it with seasonal furniture and decorative items, and then have us move it to our secure storage facility to store over the winter.

This is especially valuable for restaurants who invest heavily in their outdoor furniture. Leaving it outside and exposed to the harsh winter elements will cause damage and shorten the product’s life.

As soon as spring arrives, we’ll deliver your BigSteelBox again so the patio can be opened for the season. Your furniture will look just as good in May as it did when it was packed in September! Call us today for pricing:


We've got your restaurant's storage needs covered.


We’ll deliver a BigSteelBox to your location so it will be right outside your door. This makes loading it quick and easy for your staff.

Professional Look

We understand that image is important to your restaurant. Your rented BigSteelBox will always arrive looking clean and professional.

Protects Investments

Quality outdoor furniture is expensive. Protect it by keeping it out of the winter elements in a weather and rodent-proof BigSteelBox.

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Our experience with the moving box was soooo good! They stepped up huge to find us a 20 foot container almost last minute when we had an issue with our reservation with another company, the gentleman who phoned us to confirm our container literally saved our weekend by arranging the delivery as well! Even the delivery man was super helpful. Everyone we dealt with here has been superb! Highly recommend them for your moving needs.


a year ago

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Highly recommend! Excellent service. Once paid, the box arrived next day and once we were done, called and the box was picked up next day. It was the easiest part of our move. Container was super clean and new. Driver did an excellent job parking the unit and placed wood pieces under container to ensure no damage to driveway which was appreciated. I also had a few quotes from other similar services and The Moving Box was by far the most reasonably priced.

Christina Waite

5 years ago

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I first got in touch with a team member at Moving Box in October 2020, after passing by their storage facility in our neighborhood and getting their contact information on line. I had questions I needed information on including the following: - Any bugs in the containers? - Risk of rodents or other animals entering the container since they were stored outside? - Interior temperature control with the seasons especially winter and summer? - Risk of deterioration of quality of stored items with the changing interior environments? The team member on the phone answered all the above questions and indicated that the boxes are checked for bugs, that the boxes had openings for aeration and interior environment control but they were well sealed to prevent small animals from entering the box and the stored items did not deteriorate in their quality. I decided to rent the box of suitable size to meet the needs of storage of items needed to reduce contents in the house to be put on sale. All the transactions for renting of the box were subsequently done on-line. The box was rented in October 2020 and we just had the box returned June 18, 2021 after 8 months of storage and I had trepidation opening it to see if the contents were going to be usable or deteriorated and to our surprise everything was in excellent condition similar to how they were at the time of storage including our nice furniture and important documents and cushions. I would have no difficulty renting the box again in the future if needed storage. I would recommend renting the Moving box to anyone requiring short or long-term storage.

Emmanuel Caulley

a year ago

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