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Moving and Relocating Employees

Corporate Employee Relocation services - BigSteelBoxBigSteelBox makes relocating and transferring staff easier and more affordable for companies and organizations, and less stressful for their employees.

Most long distance moving companies will require the loading and unloading a move to happen in 1-2 days. This means all the stress associated with moving will be packed into a very short period of time, both on the move-out and move-in dates.

With BigSteelBox, you can take your time and we offer storage in between homes if possession dates don’t line up. 

For certain professions, such as members of the RCMP and the military, bank executives and managers, health authorities, and university and college executives, moving staff to new positions in different cities and provinces happens on a fairly regular basis. But, the way companies handle moving and relocating employees can vary significantly based on the organization and the situation.

In many cases, a company will give a new employee a budget for the move and have them make all of the arrangements on their own. The company may pay the moving fees for the employee, or have the them pay for the move and then submit their expenses once they have started their new job.

At the other end of the spectrum, large enterprises may have dedicated staff or a third party business contracted to oversee every aspect of an employee’s move. Some corporate relocation services will go as far as managing real estate services, such as selecting an agent and creating a short list of prospective new homes.

In any of the situations noted above, BigSteelBox can play a role in making the corporate relocation easier, but there are certainly times when using a moving container service like BigSteelBox will make more sense for the employee and the organization.

How Does BigSteelBox Make Corporate Relocation Easier?

BigSteelBox makes relocating and transferring staff easier and more affordable for companies and organizations, and less stressful for their employees. Here are a few scenarios when BigSteelBox moving and storage services work very well for a corporate relocation:

  • If the employee needs storage in-between homes during the move.

  • If budget is a consideration (for single family homes, BigSteelBox is typically 20% - 40% less expensive than a traditional, full service long distance moving company)

  • When the employee is going to do the majority of the packing themselves or when a company is hired to perform the packing and loading for them.

Visit our long distance moving page for more information on how we make moving to a new city easier.

Here’s how our moving service works:

We drop off a BigSteelBox moving container to your employee’s home as far in advance as they need it. They take their time packing it at their own pace, and then we move it to their new home. If their new home in their new city isn’t ready yet, we can store the moving container in one of our secure storage facilities until they are ready to have it delivered to their new home.

With more locations across Canada than any other mobile storage company, it makes sense to use BigSteelBox when you need to transfer an employee to a new city.

Changing jobs and moving to a new place is overwhelming on its own. All BigSteelBox team members understand this, so we make it our job to own our customers’ problems and make their moving experience as easy as possible. Using BigSteelBox to relocate your employees will help your business save money, and it will provide your employees with a less stressful moving experience.

Company and Business Moving Services

Business Moving Services - BigSteelBoxIf you’re moving your office, or your entire business, to a different location or a different city in another province, we can help.

We will work with your company to minimize disruption and down time for your business by allowing you to dictate the schedule of the move. Whether you’re moving a retail business or your corporate head office, BigSteelBox can help you manage your move in a way that allows you to take your time and keep your items safe throughout the moving process.

We will deliver a BigSteelBox to your business location as far in advance as you need it. You can take your time loading it with items, knowing your stuff will stay safe while in storage. If you require help packing and loading your items, our Storage Consultants may be able to recommend a local company to help with that portion of your move.

If you need storage at any point during your move, we have you covered. Keep your container at your location for as long as you need it, or have it moved to one of our secure storage facilities.

If you think BigSteelBox might be a good option to relocate your employees, or to move your business, call us for more information or to get a free quote at 1-800-373-1187 or request a quote online.

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“Thank you for all of your help in organizing the drop of and pick up of the storage container. This means of moving was low stress and I would recommend your service to anyone.”

-Lara, BigSteelBox Customer