What Size Moving Container Do I Need?

All the information you need to decide what size BigSteelBox you'll need to move your home.

We rent and sell moving containers in a variety of sizes, but there are a few sizes that are most commonly used for residential moving and storage.

This size container your need depends on a couple of factors: 
1) The amount of space you have to place the container on your property.
2) The number and size of items you'll need to pack. 

While the number of bedrooms and the square footage of your home are important considerations, it really depends on how much stuff you have to move. Most 2-4-bedroom homes will fit in a 20' BigSteelBox, however, not all 4-bedroom homes are the same size.

For example, you could have a 4-bedroom, 4,000 sq ft home with a games room, exercise room, media room and a 3-car garage, which is definitely not your average 4-bedroom home. Most BigSteelBox customers with a 4-bedroom home will use one 20' BigSteelBox for their move.

The moving and storage experts at your BigSteelBox Store will be happy to help you choose the exact size moving container you will need, but below is some quick information to help you in advance.

Home Size Moving Container Size Needed
1 Bedroom Home 10' BigSteelBox
2 Bedroom Home 20' BigSteelBox
3 Bedroom Home 20' BigSteelBox
4 Bedroom Home 20' and 10' BigSteelBoxes (for larger 4-bedroom)
5 Bedroom Home 20' and 20' BigSteelBoxes 
6 Bedroom Home 20' and 20' BigSteelBoxes

8' BigSteelBox

Photo of an 8-foot BigSteelBox Shipping ContainerThis size storage container is great if you just need a little storage. It's great if you’re looking for an extra tool shed or space to store some seasonal gear that is taking up too much room in your garage. An 8-foot shipping container is ideal if you don’t have a lot of room on your property, as it won’t take up too much space in your driveway or yard.

Measurement Details:
Width: 7’ 2”  Height: 7’ 6”  Length: 8’  Weight: 1,870 lbs

10' BigSteelBox

Photo of a 10-foot BigSteelBox Shipping Container

The 10’ BigSteelBox is used by customers moving to or from a smaller living space, like a condo or apartment. You can usually fit the contents of a moderately furnished 1-bedroom home in the 10-foot shipping container. This size is also great for a smaller-scale move because many condo and apartment buildings will only have space for, or allow a moving container of this size on the premises while you’re packing.

A 10-foot shipping container is also a great size for a storage shed on your property or for use during a home renovation. Shelving can be added to any size container, which makes it even easier to store and access tools, equipment, household items, boxes and supplies.

Measurement Details:
Width: 8’  Height: 8’ 6”  Length: 10’  Weight: 2,870 lbs

20' BigSteelBox

Photo of a 20-foot BigSteelBox Shipping ContainerThis is our most commonly used size container for residential moving and storage. The contents of a typically furnished 2 to 4-bedroom home will usually fit into a 20-foot BigSteelBox. If you have a fully furnished 5 to 6 bedroom home, you will probably need two 20-foot containers.

This size container is also perfect during a home renovation if you need to store your furniture and other household items while your home is under construction. This size moving container will fit in most single and double driveways.

Measurement Details:
Width: 8’  Height: 8’ 6”  Length: 20’  Weight: 4,800 lbs

Need a Bigger BigSteelBox?

If you have enough room on your property to accommodate a larger shipping container, and want to buy or rent a 40' BigSteelBox, we have that size available too. Please note, however, that a loaded 40' container cannot be moved. So, if you'll need your loaded container moved to a new location and cannot fit everything into one 20' Box, then renting two 20' containers is the best option for you. Contact your nearest BigSteelBox Store or click here for information on larger shipping container size options.

Call your local BigSteelBox Store today to discuss your moving and storage needs at: 1-800-373-1187 or request your free quote online.

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