Secure Mobile Storage for Schools and Churches

BigSteelBox offers a number of great storage solutions for use on institutional sites.

Photo of portable storage container used in a school yard - BigSteelBoxRenting a mobile storage container is an ideal storage solution for anyone who needs extra space, but it is especially handy for schools and churches who need secure, mobile storage nearby.

Many schools lack the necessary space for maintenance or outdoor sports equipment so a shipping container is an ideal solution. 

It's also very common to see a BigSteelBox on sports fields to store blocking sleds, hurdles, high jump bars, poles for pole vaulting and the bags the vaulters land on!

We can place a BigSteelBox just about anywhere, and there are many options available to help make your storage container as efficient as possible. Just ask us about the security features of a BigSteelBox and shelving that you can have installed in your storage container.

Permanent Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for a permanent storage solution and want to buy a BigSteelBox, it's nice to know you can come down to your local store and pick one out. You get to touch, see and smell it before you buy it, so you know what you’re getting. It can even be painted to match the exterior of the school if that's in the budget.

We have new and used shipping containers for sale at our BigSteelBox store locations in a variety of sizes, and they all come with one thing in common – exceptional service and support from your local BigSteelBox staff.

Call us today to learn more about which option will work best for you: 1-800-373-1187.

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