BigSteelBox Company History

BSB-self-storage-yard_350.jpgOur company has been built around the idea that a BigSteelBox is a better way to move and store stuff. By bringing the storage to the customer we have eliminated some of the most stressful aspects of moving and storage. However, providing a more convenient solution is only part of our success.

Since starting as a family owned business in 1999, BigSteelBox has maintained its service-related values even as we expanded across Canada. While the company has been built on a simple model, we recognize that the marketplace is always changing and that we need to consistently deliver quality products and innovative services to be successful.

Today we have more locations across Canada than any mobile storage company, and we've expanded our products and services through the creation of BigSteelBox Structures, where we're leading the way in modifying shipping containers and designing and constructing modular buildings and workforce housing.

Safety in the workplace is also a priority for BigSteelBox, and we understand that creating a culture of safety is more than just developing policies and procedures. That's why we've partnered with St. John's Ambulance to make sure that we are following best practices when it comes to work place safety at each of our Stores, everyday.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you have about our products and services. Whether you’re renting, buying, or modifying, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with your BigSteelBox.

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